Clinical Software Services

Take control of your Clinical Content!

Frustrated by your forms? Disappointed in your documents? Can't find your data? Missing your Meaningful Use numbers? Clinical Software Services can teach you and your staff the skills necessary for you to take control of your own clinical content. From basic training for simple changes to complex MEL programming, Clinical Software Services brings over 20 years of Centricity® EMR engineering and training experience to you.

The Best in Clinical Content Training


  • Visual Form Editor
  • Crystal Reports for EMR
  • Beginning to Advanced MEL
  • Private Training


  • Over 25 years experience in Healthcare
  • Over 20 years experience in EMR Forms
  • 15 years experience training on EMR
  • 7 years with GE as a Clinical Engineer

Clinical Software Services is a Certified Service Partner

  • Certified Clinical Content Consultant
  • Certified Clinical Content Trainer
  • Certified Crystal Report Writer—EMR